Aadi Shakti (Andréa Jutras)


It was the calling to know my true nature which led me to meet a great sage in the Himalayas, with whom I have lived for the better part of the last thirty-five years. His guidance and revelation of the nature of my true Being, along with the depth of meditation, remain at the core of my life. 

For the last thirty years, I have offered the fruit of my contemplation and meditation in the form of various meetings, seminars, and individual mentorships in different places in India, Europe and Canada.

From the Himalayas, I am offering you various meetings through Zoom or Skype. The beauty of these platforms is that they allow us to transcend distances!

Aadi Shakti is not offering formal meeting groups in English at this time. If you wish to create a meeting group with Aadi on Zoom with a few friends, you are welcome! 
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+1 778-722-9844

If you feel inspired to make an offering