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COMPOSITION: 50% yak wool 50 % merino wool
SIZE: 125 x 250 cm / 50 x 100 in approx.
DETAILS: With fringes

WEIGHT: 750 to 1022 g / 1.65 to 2.25 lb plain shawl  722 g / 1.6 lb with border

If you are looking for a warmer shawl Girish, made of yak wool, is definitely our best choice. One will never find a shawl that is 100% yak wool. It is necessary to join it with another wool to weave it. The fibre blend is perfect to offer you an exceptional insulating meditation blanket which grows softer with use.

We also have access to large yak wool shawls with unique ethnic borders. If you have an interest in this type of shawl, write to us and we will present some possibilities.

The authentic yak wool meditation shawl inevitably has a high price. It is the same with true pashmina and cashmere. These are rare and exceptionally high quality fibres.

Yak wool comes from a gigantic beast that lives mainly at an altitude of at least 5,000 meters in the Himalayas, Ladakh, on the Tibetan plateau, and in some parts of Mongolia and Central Asia. The temperature in these regions goes down to -40 degree Celsius. This is how the yaks developed a highly insulating fur to cope with this intense cold. Our yak wool fibre comes from the famous Changthang region of Ladakh, which is also where the most beautiful pashmina in the world comes from.

It is extremely rare to find authentic yak wool creations outside the Himalayan regions. First, natural yak wool comes in shades of brown to black, and very rarely, in the cream colour. Unless you buy from a trusted source where you are assured that yak wool has been mixed in a small amount with merino wool, just so, can we get varied colours.

Therefore, if you find colorful scarves or shawls on the market at a very low price, know for sure that we sell you something else. There are many misrepresentations on the market. Several are created in Nepal where scarves made of a very soft acrylic blend are sold and  labeled as "made of yak baby wool” or “made of yak wool". Some sites sell them by presenting a composition of wool, cotton and acrylic (fleece).

To learn more about yak wool, read our blog on the subject. Click here:

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Care and Maintenance

If the process described below does not suit you, you can certainly send the shawl for DRY CLEANING.


Dissolve a little quantity of mild detergent - like gentle shampoo or woolen soap - with cold or lukewarm water (at 30 °C /86 °F maximum)

Submerge the shawl in the water and move it gently for a few minutes. Do not use fabric softener and rinse the shawl very well by running cool water through it to remove the soap.

You can then take out extra water by applying gentle pressure.


Remove the excess water by rolling the shawl in a clean towel.

Preferably lay it flat. If not possible, fold it once or twice to prevent the fibres to be stretched too much and hang it on the clothes line in avoiding direct sun or any proximity to heat sources.

Once dry, if available, the shawl can be steamed which will fluff the fibres. Otherwise, it can be ironed with a warm iron.

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GIRISH - Himalayan Yak Wool Large Meditation Blanket

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