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COMPOSITION: 100% merino wool
SIZE: 125 x 250 cm / 50 x 100 in approx.
WEIGHT: Medium 
DETAILS: With fringes

Le tissage en pointe de diamant de cette généreuse couverture de méditation lui donne une texture souple et confortable à porter. Ce châle d’épaisseur moyenne procure une chaleur agréable au méditant. Il est tissé à la main dans une douce laine mérinos. C’est un châle simple et de grande qualité.


Meaning of the name

Care and Maintenance

If the process described below does not suit you, you can certainly send the shawl for DRY CLEANING.


Dissolve a little quantity of mild detergent - like gentle shampoo or woolen soap - with cold or lukewarm water (at 30 °C /86 °F maximum)

Submerge the shawl in the water and move it gently for a few minutes. Do not use fabric softener and rinse the shawl very well by running cool water through it to remove the soap.

You can then take out extra water by applying gentle pressure.


Remove the excess water by rolling the shawl in a clean towel.

Preferably lay it flat. If not possible, fold it once or twice to prevent the fibres to be stretched too much and hang it on the clothes line in avoiding direct sun or any proximity to heat sources.

Once dry, if available, the shawl can be steamed which will fluff the fibres. Otherwise, it can be ironed with a warm iron.

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GAGAN - Large Meditation Blanket

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